About You


The fact that you are even looking at this page means that you have the awareness that you have a problem, and that you may need some support to help you overcome it. We are so inclined to feel that we have to cope alone and to be self-reliant, that it is a brave thing to admit to ourselves that we actually may need some help.

Professional Help

Meeting with a counsellor or therapist takes courage and I consider it a privilege to support people who take this step. We all have problems at times and we usually cope but there are times when we really need extra support. Discussing your difficulties with a professional is very different from talking to a friend. I aim to accept you just as you are without judgement or criticism, be respectful and compassionate and take your concerns seriously.

Working Together

We will work together to agree how you can best move forward to a resolution, whether the problem is specific, or a vague feeling of dissatisfaction with life, or a long standing and complex problem. I can offer a calm, supportive and confidential environment to allow you gain insight and make progress.

There Is Hope

I appreciate the fact that sometimes we have no control over events that happen to us, if this is the case, the resolution may be to help you come to terms with being unable to change things; despite this, you can still build a life that is as fulfilling as it can possibly be.

Please do ring, text or email me if you have any questions or concerns. Even if we decide not to work together, I can often recommend how you might get further help.

My rooms are a welcoming, comfortable and safe space for you to talk. I work from rooms at Insight Stafford, five minutes from junction 14.

Debbie Roberts