About Me

I am a BACP accredited and registered counsellor and psychotherapist. I have experience of working in the NHS, the voluntary sector and in private practice. I am used to working with all sorts of people and over fifteen years I have helped people deal with a wide range of the difficulties we humans experience.

I cut my teeth in this profession with 'No Panic', this is an organisation that supports people who have panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, obsessive compulsive problems or trauma.

At the University of Derby I counselled students on many issues, such as bereavement, stress and suicidal thoughts. For PODA (Prevention of Domestic Abuse), I took women or men who had been perpetrators or survivors of domestic abuse, through an intensive evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy program. I have worked with men, women, young people and children on issues regarding anger.

I counselled in alcohol and substance misuse services, helping people to change addictive behaviours and return to healthier psychological and emotional stability.

I then went on to work with Mind, a well-known mental health charity, again this involved working with people from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and religions who had various mental health issues.

I provided a counselling and psychotherapy service in GP surgeries. Although the work focussed mainly on anxiety and depression, the causes of these symptoms were many and varied and my experience grew.

I joined a team in the NHS providing early intervention for children. I became a parenting specialist working with parents who were experiencing difficulty in managing their children's behaviour or who wanted to change the way they behaved towards their children in order to help their children overcome their difficulties. I also worked on attachment issues with parents, helping them to overcome problems with bonding, for example, if Mum had suffered post-natal depression.

I then widened my experience of children and young people's emotional and psychological issues by providing therapy for those with problems such as; phobias, OCD, low self-esteem, depression, eating problems or suicidal thoughts. Through this work I began to specialise in trauma work and I trained in EMDR.

Please see My Services for further information on how I can work with you on building confidence, managing anxiety and stress.

Training and Qualifications

  • Certificate in Couples and Relationships
  • Advanced Certificate in Couples and Relationship Counselling
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • EMDR Levels I,II,III Adults
  • EMDR Children and Adolescents I & II
  • Master of Arts (Distinction) - Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Post Graduate Diploma - Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Post Graduate Certificate - Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Triple P parenting facilitator
  • Mellow Parenting and Mellow Babies facilitator
  • STEPS facilitator

In line with BACP requirements for Continuing Professional Development I constantly undertake further training courses to update my skills and further my knowledge.

Professional Membership

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, registered and accredited with the BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 2007. I adhere to their standards and ethical framework. I am also a member of the EMDR Association.


All registered and accredited counsellors and psychotherapists have a duty to receive appropriate supervision for their work. Although I may discuss your case with my supervisor I am always careful to ensure that I do not give any information which would allow you to be identified.